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Student Services

The Student Services Department is committed to supporting each student’s successful high school career. Counselors meet regularly with students throughout the school year, and students have the following services open to them and their families:

Paying for College

Parents and students are invited to attend a free presentation about paying for college. MEFA is offering After the Acceptance Seminar at Longmeadow High School on Wednesday, April 2 at 6:30 pm. This seminar provides valuable information to families on financial aid awards, calculating the balance due and how to pay the college bill. You may register at

Academic Counseling
Counselors work with students on creating the necessary curriculum that encompasses the Cathedral requirements for graduation and also the development of a student’s particular interests.

College Counseling
Counselors work with students and their families throughout the college process including:
Researching colleges
Navigating the application, financial aid, and enrollment process
Arranging and accompanying students on college tours throughout New England

Adjustment Counseling
The Adjustment Counselor is available to assist students with personal, social and emotional issues that impact their adjustment in the classroom. Counseling is offered individually and in small groups by a licensed mental health professional.

Advisor/Advisee Program
Every student meets in small groups two times a month with the same faculty advisor to discuss academic, social, and school issues. The program is designed to increase students’ participation in the Cathedral community, and for Cathedral to stay abreast of student issues.

Nursing Services
Cathedral’s full -time nurse is on call during the entire school day to help students with physical health issues including sports injuries and the dispersment of medication. Nursing Services also provides eduational programs to help students manage stress and other issues that can affect their physical and emotional health.

Resource Room
The Resource Room is designed for any student who needs academic support. It is also there to help international students who are english language learners (ELL). The Resource Room is open during and after school every day, and it is staffed by a certified faculty member.

International Student Services
Cathedral High School draws students from all over the world and provides each with faculty advisors who help with social, personal, and academic needs. International students benefit from directed studies, college counseling, and ELL classes.

Engrade is available to students and parents to track progress in all of their subjects. Each child has been provided with an access code but if help is needed the counselors can provide information to access accounts.

Patricia Gregory, Academic Counselor

Dr. Toni Spinelli, College Counselor

Mrs Patricia Kelly-Bedard, Department Chair and Adjustment Counselor

Kathryn Guilmette, Administrative Assistant

Cathedral High School • 260 Surrey Road • Springfield, MA 01118 • (413) 782-5285