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Cathedral Launching the International Baccalaureate® Diploma Programme

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Inherent in the mission of Cathedral are the beliefs that each student is unique and each has a need to develop intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally. Students learn in a variety of ways and are gifted with different types of intelligences. Administrators and faculty are committed to providing experiences that enable students to discover knowledge and to clarify their values and responsibilities to themselves, each other, and the community. The belief that the whole person must be educated underlies the curriculum.

Core Requirements Grade 9
(7 Credits)
Grade 10
(7 Credits)
Grade 11
(6 Credits)
Grade 12
(6 Credits)
Religious Studies Courses
English Courses
Mathematics   Courses
World History, US History, Government   Courses
Science   Courses
Foreign Languages   Courses
Physical Education       Courses
Elective 1/ Music or Art Music
Elective 2     Courses
Elective 3      
Elective 4      
Health & Wellness required for graduation, can take anytime during high school  
Computer Literacy required for graduation, can take anytime during high school Courses


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