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President Dr. Ann Southworth
Principal Mr. John Miller
Assistant Principal Mrs. Holly O'Connell
Director of Advancement Ms. Linda McGurn
Business Manager Mr. Christopher Rondeau
Admission Director Ms. Cara Martin '08
Alumni Director/Assistant to President Ms. Elizabeth Newman
Athletic Director Mr. Joseph Hegarty '02
English Language Learning Mr. Evan McCormick
Librarian Ms. Lynn Leone

Nurse Mrs. Mary Ann Jackson '77
Campus Minister Mr. John Anziano '91
International Student Coordinator Mrs. Anne Pellan-Shea

Student Services

Director of Student Services/Adjustment Counselor Mrs. Patricia Kelly-Bedard
Counselor Mrs. Patricia Gregory
College Counselor Ms. Janet Kelly



Fine & Performing Arts 

  Mr. James Ilson Mrs. Sarah Campbell
  Mr. John Anziano '91  


  Mr. Mark Heafey Mr. Jonathan Decoteau
Ms. Theresa Niemiec Mrs. Anne Pellan-Shea  

Foreign Language

  Mr. Jeremaih Begley Mrs. Lynn Callahan
Ms. Elizabeth Lancaster  


  Ms. Christine Mars Mrs. Mary Farmer
Ms. Ena Arel Mrs. Pauline Tran

Physical Education

  Mr. William Wise '62  

Religious Education

  Mr. Michael Dewey Mr. John Anziano '91
  Mr. Jeremiah Begley Ms. Darleen Farland


  Ms. Marita Mariani '71 Mr. Robert Brodeur '70
Ms. Ena Arel Ms. Rafaella Viviano

Social Studies

  Ms. Lynn Leone Mrs. Leslie Perreault
Sr. Diane Tetreault, SSJ Ms. Diane Trela

Cathedral High School • 260 Surrey Road • Springfield, MA 01118 • (413) 782-5285